curl  --request POST \
 --url {banking_api_base_url}/banking/payment/initiate-request \
 --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
 --header 'x-client-id: <App ID>' \
 --header 'x-client-secret: <Secret Key>' \
 --header 'order-source: reset-api' \
--data-raw '{
	"event_name": "fund_transfer",
	"debit_account_number": "0003000006",
	"transfer_type": "direct",
	"beneficiary_mode": "onetimetransfer",
	"mobile": "9896989698",
	"email": "[email protected]",
	"address": null,
	"country_dialing_code": "91",
	"country_iso_code": "IN",
	"beneficiary_id": "null",
	"debit_account_type": "current",
	"transfer_mode": "NEFT",
	"transfer_amount": "10.12",
	"account_transfer": {
		"account_owner_name": "beneficiary name",
		"account_number": "6760654654",
		"ifsc_code": "icici000143",
		"is_validate": "false",
        "payment_for": "salary payment"
    "payout_order_id": "654894598459"
    "code": "200",
    "status": "success",
    "type": "fund_transfer[direct]",
    "description": "api fund_transfer[direct] successfully performed",
    "available_balance_before": "0",
    "transfer_amount": "10.12",
    "available_balance_after": "-10.12",
    "tranfer_rrn_number": "null",
    "unique_system_order_id": "payout_864c483a658b682",
    "merchant_payout_order_id": "65489459c8459",
    "txn_status": "pending",
    "msg": "payout txn marked successfully, you will receive success and failed response from our side at your shared callback",
    "transfer_time": "24-07-2023 03:11:37pm"
    "error_code": "od_dup",
    "status": "failed",
    "error_description": "duplicate order id, kindly pass unique order id"
Body JSON ParametersTypeDetailsExample
event_namestring, requiredMode of fund transferfund_transfer
debit_account_numberstring, requiredFund debit account number9253000000000000
transfer_typestring, requiredSelect transfer type direct or beneficiarydirect
beneficiary_modestring, requiredMode of Beneficiary For Example - onetimetransfer for adhoc payout and non_onetimetransfer for saved Beneficiaryonetimetransfer
mobilestring, requiredBeneficiary mobile number9896989698
emailstring, requiredBeneficiary email id[email protected]
addressstring, requiredBeneficiary addressDLF Cyber City Phase - II, Gurugram, Haryana - 122002
country_dialing_codestring, requiredBeneficiary address country iso dialing code91
country_iso_codestring, requiredBeneficiary address country iso codeIN
beneficiary_idstring, optionalBeneficiary ID, if transfer_type is non_direct otherwise pass nullben_dfdf6gv4df68gdf
debit_account_typestring, requiredpayout current account type for India it is currentcurrent
transfer_amountflot, requiredpayout amount value12.70
account_owner_namestring, requiredBeneficiary nameJohn Deo
account_numberstring, requiredBeneficiary account numbber00002335669849
ifsc_codestring, requiredBeneficiary bank IFSC CodeKPNB0123456
is_validatestring, optionalBeneficiary account validationtrue or false
payment_forstring, requiredreason to transfer this paymentsalary payment
payout_order_idstring, requiredunique system order id (merchant software)orderdvd8fvd8856
Error CodeMessage
200API authentication successful!
400Missing authentication parameters
401Unauthorized - API authentication failed
403Incoming IP address is not whitelisted
405Unauthorized - Passed method not allowed
409Request is not unique or correct
422Missing required fields in body data or invalid JSON data
500Server Error