Payouts offers seamless money transfers to customer bank accounts, UPI IDs, cards, or wallets. Whether you're paying vendors, issuing customer refunds, disbursing loans, or handling any other financial transaction, Payouts ensures instant processing 24x7, even on bank holidays. Experience the convenience of uninterrupted financial operations with Payouts.

Introducing KwikPaisa NEO Bank's Payouts: A Seamless Solution for Streamlining Payment Disbursements

KwikPaisa NEO Bank presents Payouts, a robust payment disbursal solution designed to revolutionize how businesses manage their payments. With Payouts, companies can effortlessly handle various payment scenarios, including vendor payouts, customer refunds, salary disbursements, and more, all without the hassle of uploading complex excel files to traditional corporate banking portals for bulk transfers.

Our solution simplifies payout disbursals for businesses through a combination of powerful Payout APIs and an intuitive product dashboard. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, integrating Payouts into your workflow allows you to make payments instantly with seamless in-product integration.

Here's why Payouts is the superior choice for your business:

  1. Instant, Round-the-Clock Payments:
    Send money to your customers or vendors instantly, 24/7, ensuring timely transactions without any delays.

  2. Versatile Payout Methods:
    Enjoy the flexibility of managing multiple payout methods, including IMPS, NEFT, UPI, Mastercard (MoneySend), Visa (Visa Direct), and popular digital wallets such as Amazon Pay & Paytm.

  3. Complete Control and Automation:
    Take charge of your payout operations with real-time control, analysis, and automation capabilities. Streamline processes, track transactions, and optimize your payout workflow effortlessly.

Experience the difference with KwikPaisa NEO Bank's Payouts and transform the way you handle payment disbursals for your business. Simplify, streamline, and succeed with Payouts.

To learn more about how Payouts can benefit your business, get in touch with our team today!

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