KwikPaisa NEO Bank Payment Gateway accepts domestic and international payments, we support a wide range of payment options. You can easily collect payments from your customers using our pre-built checkout integration, or customise the payment flow as per your requirements. You can also use our SDKs to easily integrate your mobile applications with our gateway. We provide various Plugins to easily integrate and get you started with your website on different e-commerce platforms. You can easily collect payments using popular Payment Methods like Cards, UPI, Netbanking, Wallets, PayPal, EMI, and Pay Later options.

Our Payment Gateway Dashboard is a feature-rich user-interface which helps you to effectively manage and monitor your account. View your transactions, get accurate transactions statuses, send payment links to customers without any payment gateway integration. Manage refunds and disputes, and gain insight into your business’s performance easily using our Dashboard. You can easily automate your payment flows using our APIs.

With KwikPaisa NEO Bank Payment Gateway, you get access to unique features like Saving customer card details eliminating the need to enter card details on repeat transactions for your customers. Provide instant refunds to your customer when they cancel the order. Use our Preauthorization feature to block funds when a customer places an order. If the order is modified or cancelled within a week, process an instant refund without paying any charges.

Watch the video to understand and quickly get started with KwikPaisa NEO Bank Payment Gateway.

Supported Payment Gateway Integration Methods

Hosted Checkout- Simplest and easiest integration method, with a prebuilt payment checkout page hosted on KwikPaisa PG.

Merchant Hosted Create a payment checkout form on your server to pass payment mode and payment details i.e. host payment form on your server. No need PCI DSS.

S2S - Merchant Hosted Create a payment checkout form on your server to pass payment mode and payment details to directly PPI and Authorization agent server i.e. host and pass payment form from your server. Need managed PCI DSS.